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Hypnobirthing antenatal
classes in London

Hypnobirthing is a complete birth preparation and education programme for mums-to-be and their birth partners. As well as the physiology of pregnancy, logical and established self-hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques are taught, which are designed to allow the mother’s body and mind to work together during labour and birth. The effect of this harmonious connection between body and mind is a calmer and more positive birth experience with less physical impact on mum and baby and a reduction in instances of unnecessary medical interventions.

Help to increase confidence

Hypnobirthing is a recognised way of achieving the best outcome whatever the circumstances of your baby’s birth as your body is trained to be at ease which gives labour a better chance of progressing exactly as it supposed to- easily and

Even if mum-to-be has special circumstances within her pregnancy which mean that medical intervention will be necessary, she can still benefit from hypnobirthing as the techniques help to increase confidence, reduce fear and keep her calm and at ease when her baby is arriving.

Fathers and partners also play an integral part in hypnobirthing as the classes teach them how to support the mother’s relaxation with verbal prompts and gentle massage which will be used during labour and birth. The classes are, however, still very effective even if the mother attends and practices on her own.

About Me

Tracy Awere, DipHb MHbA, Dip Hyp CS

Hello, I’m Tracy, a qualified Hypnobirthing Teacher and Hypnotherapist based in North London. However, I believe my most important qualification is actually being the mum of one very active little boy! As a mother myself I fully understand what it means to want the very best experiences for your child right from the very beginning.

I discovered hypnobirthing only a few weeks before my son was born and in the short time I had remaining, I was able to learn a few of the techniques to positively impact on our birth experience. I remember wishing that I had discovered hypnobirthing sooner so I could have benefited from the full range of knowledge and techniques that it provides.

Whilst studying as a Hypnotherapist, I witnessed the wonderful ways in which people were able to use hypnosis and relaxation techniques to bring about states of calm and self-empowerment and I was determined to learn more about how this could be applied in pregnancy and childbirth. I then decided to specialise in hypnobirthing and trained under the guidance of Katharine Graves, the founder of the renowned KG Method of Hypnobirthing. I chose this particular system of hypnobirthing as it is specifically designed for the UK birth system and is very simple and practical for hypnobirthing mothers and their partners to fit into their daily lives.

I am truly passionate about what I do and love spreading the word about this positive and natural approach to childbirth!

Member of The Hypnobirthing Association



Philosophy of
Sankofa Hypnobirthing

The sankofa (pronounced san-ko-fah) bird is a traditional symbol from Ghana, West Africa, symbolising the value of past wisdom and the benefit of reaching back to retrieve, remember and reapply this wisdom. In many ways, modern society has forgotten that giving birth is a natural process, which, under normal circumstances, should flow easily through a woman’s body and, consequently, trust in this instinctive process has been lost. Through hypnobirthing, mothers learn to grow in confidence,knowing that their bodies are perfectly designed to give birth efficiently and calmly- in other words, retrieving that past knowledge and reapplying it so that birth can be as natural, calm and harmonious as possible.

The Course

It is generally recommended that mothers take the hypnobirthing class in their second trimester. This allows them ample time to practice and get familiar with the techniques which they will be using during labour and birth. However, even if the mother is further along in her pregnancy, as long as she still has a few weeks remaining to learn and practice the techniques, it is not too late and always makes a positive difference.

One-to-one Hypnobirthing Classes

I offer one-to-one (private) hypnobirthing classes in the comfort and privacy of your own home, as well as live online classes for those who would prefer remote learning.

At present, I am only running private classes as this gives me the opportunity to get to know you and any concerns you have and tailor the class content specifically for your needs.

If you have friends who are also pregnant and you’d like to learn hypnobirthing together, I’m happy to arrange group sessions for you all at mutually convenient dates/times over a period of 4 weeks.

For in-person classes, I can most easily travel to locations in Islington, Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Westminster and City of London.  Even if your borough is not listed here, do still get in touch as I am happy to cover other areas that are not too far away.

Private Class fee £490

Private classes are available throughout the year. To book, please contact me to check dates and availability.

Course Length, Content & Materials

The Hypnobirthing course is split into 4 modules, each of which is approximately 2.5hrs long.

The course provides a wealth of information and gentle birthing tools including:

You will also receive a hypnobirthing book, course manual and hypnobirthing self-hypnosis MP3s.


My husband and I easily understood the material in the hypnobirthing sessions thanks to Tracy’s ability to make the information digestible and instill confidence that we could totally do this.

When the birth day arrived, we were able to put everything we had learnt into practice and I can honestly say I had the best birth experience I could have asked for. The breathing and visualisation techniques that Tracy taught us enabled me to shift my mind to a peaceful place and within 8 hours our beautiful baby girl arrived safely all with NO PAIN RELIEF- now that’s truly a result for someone who started off wanting a c-section!

I found the whole experience empowering and bringing our daughter into this world is the best thing that I’ve done in my whole life. We would recommend this hypnobirthing course to all parents and cannot thank Tracy enough for giving us her time, expertise, confidence and making this the best birth experience we could have asked for.

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